Judges Challenge 6


Dajuan JonesHello again ladies,

I think the competition is getting to you all. The photos are not that impressive for round 6. Please read on.

Feedback of Dajuan Jones

I had a favorite image, Lud’s lead image, but other than that, no one really stood out. Unfortunately, Suzu’s team let her down and would seem like the loser this week.

“Ain’t I a Woman?”
Photos: Love your lead photo! Is it me, or did you enjoy your outdoor images much more than your in studio set?
Interpretation: You’ve done well highlighting the products this week.
Hairstyle: Appropriate for this weeks challenge.
Write Up: I enjoyed the opening to your write up, and the way you shared your experience with the products this week.
Connection: Seems I’m always asking for more from everyone in way of expression. Your outdoor images carried you well this week.

“Curl Definition at it’s best”
Photos: Given that this weeks best images will be used on promotional materials Going Natural, I was largely disappointed in the head wrap and ponytail images. It’s like shooting indoors just robbed you of your energy. Not to mention the photography was just disappointing. Outdoor images were nice, with good variety and expression.
Interpretation: Your concept suffered execution.
Hairstyle: Your hair responded nicely as this weeks challenge is your strength (natural & curly).
Write Up: Loved your ‘testimonial’ of the curl product. This is awesome when doing promotional work.
Connection: I like what was delivered in image A & K. But there were 15 images in this weeks challenge.

Photos: You gave your photographer plenty to work with! Unfortunately the photo quality negatively impacted that.
Interpretation: Your photos are the realization of interpretation (the deliverable). I’m a photographer.
Hairstyle: I liked your hairstyle, and to the credit of your photos, you curl detail was evident.
Write Up: Your hair product write up fit the promotional, but the head wrap & ponytail write up didn’t come close to selling the product.
Connection: You’re giving a lot of expression through posing and this is good. But look at your mouth in ALL your photos, it’s all the same.

Photos: When I saw your lead photo, I just about screamed, FIRE! Hair, make up, style, imagery. Loved it! Then I saw that same eye expression in 7 of your images (yeah, I counted). I love #1, 3, 4 & 4 & 5 from the head wrap.
Interpretation: Nicely done, despite the over done eye expression.
Hairstyle: Fro-hawk:You killed it!
Write Up: Well done.
Connection: You’re communicating with the viewer in many of your images, even if I don’t like what it’s saying. Think about what you want your imagery to say, then think about if that fits the promotional, then execute what would work.

Photos: No secret, the images were not good at all this week.
Interpretation: Your photos are the realization of interpretation (the deliverable).
Hairstyle: When I saw image #1, I thought your shoot should have been so much stronger. Your hair is VERY curly. Hairstyle was your strength this week, but the images just didn’t come close to cutting it.
Write Up: As you stated in your write up, “As you can see, my curls were defined with plenty of movement. In short, the Curl Keeper Light lives up to its name.” Excellent product testimonial!
Connection: Seriously, you gave nice expression and variety. But your team let you down this week.

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Winner – Ain’t I a Woman is really stealing my heart. She is brining it, she’s been consistent even when the criticism has been harsh. She is unapologetically her and I like that.

Suzu was my winner in my mind. But she checkout just when things are heating up. Not sure why…

Feedback of Michelle George

Michele GeorgeAin’t I A Woman
Yes. You. Are. You have truly grown on me. I love your write up and the effort you put into conveying your message through print and photo. The shots were all wonderful and I love the way you convey a message of acceptance and self-love. Your no-fuss look has really grown on me 🙂 mostly because of your effortless beauty and your demand to be accepted by presenting who you are. You give us the left side of your face, the right side, the front view and that’s good. I would like to see you NOT cut off your hair in shots. I feel the vibe, but that is a big no-no for me bc your hair is such a big part of this competition. Don’t sell yourself short on that. I’d also like to see you with softer eye make-up. I’d like to see how other colors complement you. I see you growing in this competition and I look forward to seeing what you bring next week.

“Curl Definition at it’s best”
I applaud you because I face a similar challenge(cold Ohio weather). However, I’m not trying to get through an effortless photo shoot like you. I realize you have the weather working against your opportunity to take advantage of beautiful scenery that isn’t the frigid Ohio terrain. With that said, to show you could pull it off would challenge you to take your game to the next level. I like the diversity of your poses. the last photo shoot,it seemed like you were ‘somewhere’ else and Im glad to see you back in the game. Your choice of color palate for the river shots was beautiful and really complimented your natural beauty. Your textures is so unique and I think you really know how to caputre it and bring it forth in your photos. I really like the light that you channeled into your photos during the other challenges. I hope you continue to channel that light! I appreciate your write up.

Ponytails, Headwraps and Twists
You did your research on the wrap! I like that! Dont short change yourself on the length of your hair. It’s perfect for your season and fell nicely with the holder.You are just a cutie. When I see your shots I channel the girl next door or my little sister. You make me smile and your spunk comes through. Good job taking the advice and implementing it! You continued to connect the product line with your audience and you. I must say, my least favorite poses are the arm-pit shots. They either cut your head out of the picture or distract me from the product and/or your hair. I think you did a good job. Keep stretching yourself to show the diversity of your looks, so sponsors can see that you can do a wide-range of shots beyond the girl-next-door look. Good job on the write up! Consider some brighter lighting to showcase your texture.Your smile is captivating!

Fun Scarves, Accessories
You bring it every-time with the poses and connecting the genre with an excellent write up. The lighting could be brighter to complement your tones. I must admit that the sultry-pout lipped look is throwing me off. It just doesnt speak to me. I love the shots where you smile though. Maybe a little less of the squint eye would help improve the look you are conveying. The headwraps are divine on you and great use of scenery to complement your skin tones and natural beauty. I like what you bring to the camera, when you arent squintin’ ‘at me.’ :)Great up close shots that show your diversity and style.Good job with your research. You rocked that frowk and you get an A+ on product use description.

Curl Definition
To me, you had the most promise and I loved your shots and energy from the beginning. With this challenge, I feel like you checked out on us, which was dissappointing to me bc you won in my eyes last week.Your texture is gorgeous and I love the way you played around with the pieces. But the lighting was bad and the scenery reminded me of an online photo album. Timing is also everything :). I know we will see more of you.

Picturesque Suzu-yes, must go, sad to see her go. She was my winner in my mind. But she checkout just when things are heating up. Not sure why…

Winner-Aint I a Woman is really stealing my heart. She is brining it, she’s been consistent even when the criticism has been harsh. She is unapologetically her and I like that.

~~~~~ 0 ~~~~~

Rachel RitfeldMy feedback

I LOVE the fact that you finally tried the Going Natural products and even more that YOU love them. Your shoot though was just ok for me. I didn’t LOVE it. I agree with Dajuan that your outside shots are much better. My favorite images are nr. 4 and 7. Love your expression. It shows a different side of you. I like the versatility that you have developed throughout the competition and your writeup was a good read. Thank you for that.

Lydia Young
Lydia, o Lydia yes you barely made it but you are still in and you have improved. I really like your first shot. You show your full mane so proudly and the color makes it stand out this way. I also like the wrap in picture 8. I wonder how you did the wrap but I don’t like the picture itself because it doesn’t show the colors of the material and I feel like it takes away from the art. 

Most important for me from this shoot is that you’ve enjoyed it. I know you have a lot of stress, it’s not easy for you, so I am really glad that you enjoyed the shooting. It’s noticeable in a few. I hope looking at those pictures will make you relax even more.

I love how you used the ponytail holder. I know you had questions about how you were going to do that but I think you did a good job. Besides that though, I am a little bit disappointed in your shoot. Compared to your other shoots, it felt like you weren’t that present. You look tired in photo 6. I miss the sparkling Farah that I know from the earlier shoots.

I know you have a lot going on as the member of your student board, organizing a fashion show and so many other things, but scheduling is an important part of life. Sometimes you have to make hard choices and say no. I know we women want to try and do it all but it’s just not possible.

To me your photos are the only ones that do stand out this week. I really love your fro hawk and I really love how you’ve used the ponytail holder. My favorite photos are nr. 3 and 7. The first one shows attitude and 7 is just a happy smiling fro-hawk who takes everybody in. What I didn’t like as much is the fact that you tried the same look a bit too often with your eyes half closed. Please change that up for the next time.

Suzu, Suzu, I am so sorry about what happened to you this week. Not only did your photographer bailed on you, something went wrong when you tried to submit your essay. This wasn’t your week. Still I am glad that you used the curl keeper and liked it. I like photo 2 because it shows the curls and photo 13 because it playfully shows the ponytail holder but the shots are definitely not on a competition or model level.

So it was a tough choice this week. I can say that the judges were not that impressed this week but found Luds and Jayme’s shoots the best this week. It was hard for me to make a choice but after deliberating with the other two judges, I came to the conclusion that although your overall performance was really good we have to let you go Suzu.


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