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This has been one of the hottest summers on record, and there are tips everywhere you look for keeping cool and safe in the heat. But don’t forget your hair- it needs to be protected as well! The sun can do damage to your scalp by making it dry and flaky. It can also dry out your hair, causing it to be brittle and more fragile. Taking care of your hair will ensure that you still have those

Simple scarf to protect your natural hair lovely locks and looks when the weather turns cool again. Many summer hairstyles include twists and updos that leave your scalp exposed. One of the ways to protect your scalp from direct sunlight is to use a spray-on sunblock. However, be certain to choose one that is non-greasy and as light as possible. No one wants product dripping from their kinks!

When choosing hair care products in the summer, look for items that contain no alcohol or paraffin gel, as both of these can be too harsh when heated by the sun. Also avoid products with a strong odor, especially sweet smells that might attract insects. Even a mild scent will be magnified by the sun.

You already know to drink lots of water in the summer heat, but remember that good hydration and nutrition will benefit your hair as well. Natural ingredients inside and out will keep your hair fresh and cool this summer.

The ingredients in the Going Natural Scalp Conditioning Spray are perfect for staying fresh in the heat, without heavy and unneeded oils. Spritz this leave-in conditioner directly onto the scalp for a refreshing pick-me-up for your scalp and hair. 

Tying a scarf around your hair is another way to protect both your hair and scalp from sun damage. You don’t even need to know how to create a wrap. A beautiful scarf simply tied back in your neck can give you a stylish look.

If you don’t have a wearable summer scarf, shop around! Scarves in all colors and sizes are on sale everywhere now. Look for light weight breathable material so that your head won’t sweat when you wear it.


Here is Going Natural’s recommendation for a fun light weight scarf. It’s from a designer named Rag Authority, comes in different colors and it could be yours for only $10.

Going Natural Hair Care package

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