Big Chop Near Me

Hair disaster

Hi I just did the big chop well what was left of my hair i been getting perms since I remember it always broke off my poor hair I use to hate getting perms but I thought that was what I was supposed to do my mom is puerto rican im mixed with black she been perming my hair since I was 7 I definitely don’t know my curl pattern because getting perms is all i know so about a mouth ago I went to the salon to get a color correction from jet black to honey blonde the color came out beautiful but everyday my hair was breaking off then I went to perm it a month later and most of my hair fell out OMG I wanted to die that was a tragic & depressing moment for me I had to just start all over Im taking the salon to court because I neTver signed a release form and  apparently he over prosessed my hair this all happened less than a week ago its growing back pretty fast curls are forming already I’m so happy but so sad because of how it happened but now I get to wear my NATURAL hair straight or curly i always wanted to have that choice I’m DONE with chemicals for GOOD wish me luck I’m going through a hard time right now dealing with this BIG transition I look so different with a fade lol I can’t wait until it grows bk out this site inspired me along with the ladies on YouTube i been watching a lot of videos of black womens hair journey and boy it made me feel better because im not alone I have a great support system so I’m not getting through this alone actually my boyfriend loves the fact that I’m going natural because he hates chemicals himself thanks for reading my story I will soon post pictures of before and after and most of all my growth process so stay tuned love peace & happiness

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