How do I get healthier hair without spending a fortune?

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Hello Everyone…

I not sure if I’m going through a mid life crisis in my early 30’s

but I’m tired of spending so much money on hair products and hair care.

At a early age I wore relaxers and I never gave my actually hair a chance to grow and be. Currently I stop applying relaxers to my hair and I’m going through the process of clipping and wearing extentions until the real process starts.

I’ve been researching a lot of websites and I want to make sure I’m taking and using the correct products. At the end of the day, I’m want a healthier me.. so my not start with my body, hair..ect.. Thanks

Hello LB,

Thank you for your visit and your question.

I don’t see any particular reasons why you are stating this but only a doctor can determine if you go through an early midlife crisis or not.

No one likes to spend endlessly on hair care and products. The amount you spend is directly related to the choices you make. Extensions and clippings can be pricy. On top of that they can damage your hair if you are not careful. Extensions that are braided too small are prone to breakage and some clippings can rip your strands if you don’t take them out carefully.

Going to a beauty parlor to get a blow dry is not recommendable either for the same reasons. It is not good for your new growth and it cost money. 

So the easiest and most affordable way to go natural is to do the Big Chop. Any barbershop can do the job for $15 or less and you won’t need as many products to maintain the style. The advantage is that you can immediately get to see your texture and learn to deal with it while your hair grows back.

If you are not ready for that you can try and maintain your own hair. It’s a process but it will teach you about your hair. In my book Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, I layout a path to make transitioning easy and even fun.

In the mean time after years of experience I can recommend the following products for starters. These products have never ever disappointed any of my friends or customers no matter their hair texture or state of transitioning. I am talking about the Going Natural Hair Care Package. Check it out if you like. I am pretty sure you will be satisfied as well.

Good luck!

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