Good Hair was All She Wanted

Scalp damaged by Relaxer usage

From all the sad and painful stories I’ve received over the many years since I’ve been doing this, Isabella’s is the most heart wrenching one. Her courage to take off her wig and share her story inspired me to start this section and open up this sensitive topic of damage. In all my life I haven’t seen anything like this and up until today even Isabella wonders if she is the only one this happened to. Her book will be out soon, until then here is a synopsis. 


Scalp severely damages by relaxer 


All she wanted was straight hair
Where others dream of becoming a model, Isabella was discovered by a photographer in Geleen, a small town in Holland where she grew up.

A close friend invited the traffic stopping beauty to Chicago to pursue the American dream because he believed she had what it takes to become a top model.

Well on her way, pictured by top fashion photographers and featured in the Chicago Defender, her life turned into a nightmare after a relaxer treatment initiated a phototoxic reaction that caused a chemical burn on her scalp.

It mutilated her scalp so severely that her hair would never grow back. Yet, the magnitude of her situation only began to sink in when she realized she couldn’t do without a hair replacement that cost a fortune.

Now, after a twelve year battle to get compensation, Isabella’s last resort is to share her story. 
All she wanted was straight hair. What she got is a mutilated scalp that led to depression, losing a modeling career, no social life and a pile of debt.

Isabella’s courage to take off her wig and tell her true story will hopefully help lift the veil of shame that surrounds the hair issues taunting the African American community.

In fact, “73% of African American women complain of breakage, split ends, and dryness caused by relaxers,” said Dr. Miller, dermatologist at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

So let’s start the conversation. Share your thoughts, this page, post a video response or send us your story. Our email is hairstories @ We look forward hearing from you.


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