Going Natural Hair Show at the African Festival

Going Natural Hair Show at the African Festival

On the 4th of July, Going-Natural.com had the honor of opening the brand new stage of the African Arts Festival with a Hair Show.

Five of New York top salons were selected show the world their natural hairstyles; bridal and styles for the fall. The Woven Wool, Locks of Nu, Cowrie Shell Center, Naturally Beautiful Hair Care and Red room Salon are all Brooklyn based natural hair care salons with tremendous experience and qualities to create head turning styles that can turn any regular person into a femme fatal.

One of the highlights of the show was Adenika demonstrating the twist out on her beautiful daughter Lurie who just released her book: Afro State of Mind, Memoires of a Nappy headed Black Girl. I highly recommend this book for EVERY woman and girl, Black or not.

Lurie has been the highlight of my exhibition before when her portrait was chosen by the audience as the most beautiful one to represent natural hair at its best.

Now it’s up to you to choose the best style you see in the video. Let us know by leaving a comment. We all, models and hairstylists included, look forward to your feedback.

Click for the list of the natural hairstylists who participated.

Photos by Solwazi. For a closer look at the Natural Hairstyles see the Going Natural Hair Show Gallery

Watch the Going Natural Hair Show Video


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