Going Natural celebrates its 15th anniversary with Hair Show

Going Natural Hair Show Loced Updo

At the 15th anniversary of Going-Natural.com, I would like to give homage to the natural hair stylists and salons who rooted the natural hair movement. To those who kept Black follicles alive, healthy and stylish, long before natural hair became the movement it is today.

As the founder of Going-Natural.com, the longest running natural hair blog with over 80,000 members, followers and fans, I know I got my start thanks to the braiders and locticians who kept elevating beauty standards with aesthetics unique to African textures.

It was only about 30 years ago that the first ever professional natural hair salon opened where you could go to groom locs. That was in historic, in Brooklyn and it’s time to give homage the natural hair capital of the world.

Invite for hairstylists, models, bloggers, vloggers and naturalistas

So it’s with joy and pride that I invite you natural hairstylists, models, naturalistas, bloggers, vloggers and everyone who has ever visited one of my websites, pages or read one of my books, to come celebrate this milestone with me!

Going Natural's 15th anniversary Hair Show
Going Natural’s 15th anniversary Hair Show

Natural hair stylists and salons

If we haven’t contacted you yet, please get in touch if you want to participate in the Going Natural Hair Show. Send us your name, brand/salon name, contact info and a few photos of your styles.


If you want to be in the hair show, please send us your name, hair length, hair type (locs/loose), your body measurements (we need this for clothing) and 3 photos with your natural hair.

Bloggers, vloggers and infulencers

Please send us your name, a bio of a few lines, your handle or link and your best picture.

Followers, fans, members, please like, comment, spread the word and come to the show.

The hair show is on August 17 at the TAMA Summer festival Weekend Walks in Bedstuy Brooklyn. Time to be announced. Please rsvp at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/what-naturals-love-hair-show-tickets-60628454339

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  1. Hi! Is there a particular category I should upload my photos underneath for the hair model? Thank you!

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