Going-Natural.com presents the What Naturals Love A Hair and Fashion show

What Natural Is Love Fashion Show 2019

Going-Natural.com, the longest running natural hair blog, celebrates its 15th anniversary with a natural hair and fashion show, an exhibition and a new online marketplace WhatNaturalsLove.com.

Giving homage
The celebration kicks off with the What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion to give homage to the pioneers of the natural hair movement.

The braiders, loctitians and stylists who not just kept Black follicles alive and healthy but also stylish, long before natural hair became an online sensation and despite the fact that natural hairstyles were and still are deemed unacceptable in many places.

Black people are the only people on planet earth who don’t have the fundamental human right to wear their god-given tresses natural and if it wasn’t for these pioneers, we wouldn’t have New York City’s new Law for Hair Diversity today.

Like this new law, Going-Natural.com, now a social web and networking blog with over 80,000 members, followers and fans, wouldn’t have been possible without those who kept pushing boundaries, elevating beauty standards and challenging the status quo.

The live Hair & Fashion show
The What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion Show is expected to be a groundbreaking spectacle showcasing hairdos from the best natural hairstylists and exquisite naturalista fashion from WhatNaturalsLove.com, Make Manifest Brooklyn and Byas and Leon.

All kinds of textured tresses styled by the crème the la crème of Natural hairstylists will grace the stage in Bedstuy, Brooklyn for the What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion Show. The show will be part of the Tama Summer Fest and weekend walks which is from 12 to 7 pm Between Gates & Halsey on Tompkins Avenue.

For more information about the What Naturals Love Hair and Fashion show visit https://going-natural.com/hair-show2019/ or email info@going-natural.com.


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