Going Natural at the United Nations

Suriname at the UN

This week I’ve had the honor of representing Suriname at the business forum of Voices of African Mothers at the UN. VAM is an NGO that offers women educational opportunities to attain economic empowerment and become decision-making leaders in the countries of Africa.

 Going-natural at the United Nations in New York
The Suriname delegation in traditional clothing: Koto’s and Anjisa’s except for me.

It was such an inspiring experience to meet First ladies from the African continent, to hear about the projects they support and the amazing things they get done. I felt super blessed to have had the opportunity.

As a Social Entrepreneur I spoke about the ultimate goal of Going-Natural as a community to help improve the health of Black women’s hair and scalp by sharing experiences and information. I also highlighted the Maroon Challenge of America’s Next Natural Model where I sponsored a woman in Suriname who designs traditional handmade garments as one of the ways we can support each other’s businesses. 

Tonight is the fundraising gala diner where Liesbeth Venetiaan-Vanenburg, First Lady of the Republic Suriname, will receive the Women’s Progress Award. The award acknowledges the unwavering leadership, accomplishments, contributions and commitment of the courageous First Ladies of Africa and other women in senior leadership positions.

For more about Voices of African Mothers visit http://www.vamothers.org/.


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