From Web Shop to International Marketplace


Welcome and thank you for visiting the new Market Place to be!

You’ve read it right; the tiny going-natural web shop now becomes an international Marketplace expanded and built upon the common special interest that we share: Natural Hair.

Now everyone who is making quality hair products, accessories or anything hair related can offer them at our new marketplace so our members from all over the world from to have a central place to shop.

The goal is to bring shoppers and buyers together for a unique shopping experience and that means offering even more.

Not just hair stuff

A Marketplace inspired by natural hair doesn’t mean a shopping place limited to hair products. This new Marketplace is open to every creative soul who wants to go global.

We welcome entrepreneurs from every corner in the world, from the streets of Brooklyn to the beaches of Guadeloupe, to bring their uniqueness to the marketplace.

Interested in offering your stuff and hearing more? Click to contact us. Please include information about your products and a link to your shop/page where we can see them.


Mexican Inspired Sneakers New BalanceAre you at least as creative as this Mexican Sneaker Designer Ricardo Seco?

Fashion designers are welcome!



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