Chrissie Jackson

Chrissi Jackson

Chrissie JacksonA most cheery stylist with a deep passion African hair, great talent and a unique eye.

Can you please introduce yourself and tell us about your salon and the services that you offer?
“I’m Chrissi J, Natural Hair Care Artist. I use all natural products with the exception of haircolor.

I’m currently working at Locks n Chops Natural Hair Salon in New York, on 34th and 9th St. I pride myself on my customer service and creating styles that fit my clients’ needs and personality.

I offer a variety of services from Lock Maintenance, Braids, Twists, and Combination Styles to Extensions, Haircolor, and More.”

What is or are your signature styles?
“My signature is combination styles. Styles that creatively combine clients’ natural hair with braids or twists, in a way that adds a sophisticated look to the clients hair.”

How do you greet a new customer? Moreover, what can a person expect when coming to your salon the first time?
“New clients can expect to be greeted w a smile and a couple questions about their hair and the style they want. The salon is a laid-back and professional environment. Clients can choose to be apart of stimulating conversation or simply sit back and relax.”

Our visitors keep asking us where the good natural hair salons are. We have an index but they don’t know how to select one. So can you please tell us this; how can we ordinary people distinguish the good salons from the bad ones?
“Go visit! It’s good to look around and make sure to settle with a salon and stylist that fits your personal style and vibe. When visiting a salon be sure that they practice sanitation, ask for pictures of their work and which products they use.”

What would you say to people who say that natural hair care salons are just too expensive?
“You Get What You Pay For. Investing in regular hair appointments will ensure that your hair is properly taken care of, it’ll keep you looking your best, and you won’t have to worry too much about it.“

Which hair care services would you say people should absolutely not cut back on, even in economic challenging times?
“Haircuts- It can be difficult cutting curly hair yourself. Often times people end up taking of too much. Leave it to the professionals. Haircolor- You should always see a professional for chemical processes.”

What would you say to someone who is on the fence of going to a salon because the person is embarrassed by the condition of their hair/scalp?
“The condition of your hair is probably nothing the stylist has not seen before. It’s better to just go to the salon and condition taken care of. Then you won’t have a reason to be embarrassed.”

In your opinion, what should a customer share about his/her hair when seeking hair care services?
“Share the condition of your hair and scalp. Is it normal, dry, oily? Be sure to mention what type of products you use at home, how you take care of your hair, and if you’ve had any chemical processes”

In your opinion, what question(s) does a customer need to ask a hairdresser before she allows the hairdresser to style her?
“Ask your stylist what products they use and research them if you’re not familiar. Be knowledgeable of your scalp and hair type, as well as common products and the effects they have on your hair… You want to avoid damaging products. It’s always ok to ask what steps are included in your style and for pictures of their work as well.”

What can we clients do to prevent a gone-wrong hairdo?
“Be clear about the style you’re interested in; bring a picture if you need to. Ask your stylist what condition your hair should be in before you come in. Try to avoid stylist who seem to be in a rush. At home, make sure to tie your hair down at night if required and avoid too much moisture (water, sweat, too much oil).”

The service industry is quite demanding and in all honesty, some of us customers do have behavioral problems. So can you give us a few behavior tips and describe your ideal customer?
“The ideal client for me arrives on time, is clear about any requests for their style, is patient, and leaves a nice tip.”

What is absolutely intolerable or your worst customer?
“Don’t try to spit game to your stylist.”

You have been in business for a few years now. Can you tell us what makes your salon or services so distinctively special? What are the reasons why clients keep returning?
“Trusting that I Care for their hair, a Clean Finish, Consistency, and a Cool Personality is what keeps my clients returning.”

What is your goal as a person, hairstylist or salon owner?
“My goal as a person and stylist is to bring out the natural beauty in everything and everyone I encounter. As a businesswoman, I plan to create a trusted brand that provides services and products that contribute to binging out this beauty.”

Natural hair seems quite hip right now. Locs are everywhere, it looks like the afro is back. Do you think it’s just a fashion phase? That this will pass just like the afro in the 60’s and as soon as the fashion is over we will all go back and straighten our hair again or do we really begin to embrace our natural hair?
“In my opinion, natural hair has never been a trend. It’s natural! It’s always great to see people reconnecting to their roots and loving themselves more!”

Do you offer children services? If yes can you please tell us more?
“I do offer children services at 30% off. Gotta love the kids!”

And your motto is?
“Keepin’ it KinKy!”

You can reach Chrissie at 646-542-9410 or at Locks and Chops.

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