Chassity Cheeta Chic

Chassity Cheeta Chic

Cheetah Chic

With this look I was going for chic with an edge……

I began by priming my face with moisturizer. I then put on the Iman Luxury Radiance Foundation and the trace of gold shimmer throughout gave my skin the glow it needs for this time of the year.

Then commenced to making the “cheetah” come out in my eyes by using the St. Tropez kit. I used eye shadow #4 at the bottom of the lid and eye shadow #1 on top as a highlight under the brow.  I accentuated the inner corners of my eyes with eye shadow# 2 and lined the eyes with the Iman Perfect Eye pencil in black and topped off my lashes with Iman Perfect mascara in black.

Chassity Cheeta Chic

My cheeks, adorned with a kiss of the St. Tropez blush #1

Lastly, my lips are colored with lipstick color #2 and a dab of the lipstick #1 just in the center as a highlight. Chassity Cheeta Chic

It is very important as women to make ourselves feel confident. We deal with issues everyday and many of them are focused around image. Everyone does not have days of feeling totally secure, but doing the little things will allow you to feel better and boost your confidence. A little gloss, painted nails, and mascara all go a long way, but do what works for you. If you have that feature people may tell you about or comment on, at least make sure that feature is on point!
Chassity Cheeta Chic
Is it your eyes, your hair? You deserve to WORK IT! When you take time to pamper yourself and set a standard, you are more likely to get it back in return. Let’s all show our Cheetah Chic and show our natural beauty,….because we all have it in us!!!!!!!! I love this Iman collection and enjoyed bringing out the cheetah that’s within!!!

Chassity Cheeta Chic

The Cheetah is a proud, sleek, cat known for hunting. Chic is having style or elegance. All women have the animalistic quality of the cheetah in us, the need to survive no matter the circumstances thrown our way. All women have the ability to be chic, pouring out the confidence that for some of us is hidden by our insecurities. Combine them both and soar with “Cheetah Chic”.

Chassity Cheeta Chic

Photographer: Dajuan Jones of In His Image Photograpy @

Natural Hair Stylist: Taji Shabu Jones @



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