Chassity & Kynx “I am Fierce”

Chassity for Kynx

The Kynx line of hair products created especially for our natural tresses is a true representation of what we are collectively and individually, naturally beautiful. I was immediately taken aback by the wonderful aroma that the product line encompasses. So the challenge at hand was a pleasurable experience of spa like treatment for my crowning glory that lead me to a powerful realm of confidence, security and allowed my true inner lioness to scream out …….


My favorite of all the fabulous products in the Kynx line is the “I am Fierce” Refreshing Leave in Moisturizer. My hair loves to absorb moisturizers almost instantaneously, so to find one that can stand up to my mane is a gift within itself. I love some of the ingredients as they are a few of my favorite things. Let the aroma of coconut milk, rosemary extracts and Aloe Vera juice “take you there.”

For me being FIERCE is a choice; it’s a decision similar to that of deciding what to wear. What we project is a direct reflection of what is inside of us as women/people. People can see what we wear (not only clothing), but our confidence, our esteem, and our self-respect. It can be turned on or off, turned up or down. We ALL have the ability to decide what we project; it is up to the individual. Staying focused and taking care of what I allow to enter my headspace and innermost thoughts is paramount. I chose to use my “inner-lioness” for this challenge to show; yes I have what it takes! My triumphant spirit gives me the power to uplift, to shift, and to help represent the plight of black women-my sisters! I LOVE US! I come from a family of strong women who taught me that loving me is okay and actually very much necessary. I believe we can all be FIERCE, if we choose to be!

Chassity for Kynx

1.  Begin by creating medium/small bantu knots on damp moisturized hair all over the head using the Herbal Styling Gel.

Chassity for Kynx

2.  After hair is completely dry, gently unravel the bantu knots using a small amount of the Pure Argan Oil for sheen.

Chassity for Kynx

3. Using hair pins, pin loose bantu knots on one preferred side of choice and back of head in an upward fashion towards the crown of the head leaving the front and chosen side unraveled and curly.

Chassity for Kynx

4.  Separate remaining loose bantu knots at top of head and side to create volume and you’re done!

Chassity for Kynx

Photographer: Dajuan Jones of In His Image Photography @

Natural Hair Stylist: Taji Shabu Jones @





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