Challenge #9 The Finale

I’d like to start by Thanking Mireille for asking me to be a judge for the Ms. Nappurality contest.  It has been a honor and a privilege to be a part of this process.  I learned quite a bit from all the contestants and it warms my heart to see such young sisters so clear about who they are and their connectedness to themselves, nature and their culture.

These five finalist are all winners because they are still here, contributing in their own special way.  I wish them all the best in all their endeavors.

This week’s writing submission winner for me is Karla.   I enjoyed learning about Karla’s process and creativity through out the challenges. 

For photo submissions, my choice this week is a tie between Christina and Teesha.  I liked the way the both of them presented themselves in nature and in an easy and natural looking way.  Though it might have been not as easy as it looks for Christina to get up in that tree.

Congratulations to all the contestants because as it was said before, “You are all winners“!!!



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