Challenge #7 – Jewels, nature & natural hair

Teesha Borum winner of America's Next Natural Model Season 2

Jewels, Nature, and Natural Hair -some of  my most favorite elements blended together…

Challenge #7


I truly enjoyed Karla’s story and the picture accompanying her story is gorgeous!  Karla’s hair in this pic looks full, defined, and made me want to reach out and touch her hair.  The story speaks to her connection with nature and with the beautiful gemstones used to create her necklace.  The information provided  on the attributes of the stones and their source was very engaging.  Great story and pic.

Loved the way Karla’s images made her appear as an integral and organic part of nature, naturally blending into the scenery.   Beautiful images.


Toshia wrote a short but lovely story sharing the ideas of culture, individuality and the beauty of finding one’s true aesthetic.  Great job.

Toisha  is a beautiful sister and seen here in a beautiful necklace.  But the poor quality of the photography deflected from the overall impact.


Safeeya’s story focused on the beauty of amethyst and she then compared the raw beauty of the stone with the raw beauty of natural hair.  Great ideas and insight.

Safeeya’s images evoked fun and playfulness and showed off the necklace very nicely.


Teesha remains consistent in her expression as an artist in the choices she makes, she unapologetically breaks the mold creating new visions.  Loved her comfort with the beauty and value of asymmetry in nature, life and jewelry.  Teesha wove a story line combining her necklace and nature in a way that was captivating.

Teesh’s pictures were bold, creative images that complimented her necklace.


Christina’s story had interesting facts.  Her reasons for choosing her necklace were a reflection of her natural aesthetic, close to nature and beauty.

Christina’s images definitely reflected the cold season and she came across as a Sexy Winter Goddess – beautiful!

For Challenge #7 my picks are:

Karla for her riveting story.

Teesha for her unique images.



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