Afros, Twist Out, Crinkles and Curls

Afros, Twist Out, Crinkles and Curls
Natural Hair worn in an out style that shows off our tresses turns heads no matter whether it’s styled in an Afro, a Twist Out, Braid out or Kumba Out
That’s because it’s just Natural Hair at it’s best!
That means every texture from kinks to coils and curls to 3b and 4c hair, the more the better, the thicker, the happier.
So be inspired by how our hair literarily proudly stands out big to turn heads unapologetically.
These styles say We just love standing out naturally. And while our coils reach for the moon our tresses make us feel like heaven. Like, comment and share ify ou agree!

Twist Outs with the Going Natural Hair Butter

See what these Twist Outs from 4A to 4C hair have in common

4c natural hair twist outs : From 4A to 4C natural hair types, do you see these textured strands happily pop? All these Twist Out with different hair textures were achieved with the same natural hair products and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to achieve this style yourself, no matter how style-challenged you …

See what these Twist Outs from 4A to 4C hair have in common Read More »

The Sixties

The Sixties

 A current of change was rippling through America in the 60s.  It was TV and technicolor; it was MLK and JFK; it was Civil Rights, anti-war and a time for the young to be engaged in politics.  For African Americans specifically,  it was the time to embrace what was natural to us: the Afro.