Feeling Retro


AfroThis challenge was so much fun! I've never really worn an afro before so I was really excited to try it out. I ran into some difficulties but I am very happy with how everything turned out!

Feeling Retro

I've always had a great admiration for afros but I never really believed that they were practical for real life. On nappturality I see women all the time sporting these fabulous 'fros but I just have never had the courage to try it myself. I picked out my hair but I just was not satisfied with how it looked. It was hard to take away all of the definition. On top of that my hair would not stay up. When I was browsing the online albums of other nappturals I saw how big and out their 'fros were and I just was a little disappointed that mine would not stay; it just kept falling down! Between every shot I had to fluff up the top of my hair. But I had a great afro in the photos! With my afro I was feeling very retro so I chose some retro clothing with a very 80s vibe. I'm really excited with how the photos turned out!


For me, the afro is a symbol of African American pride. When you think of afros you think of the 60s and "Black Power." lt is also a symbol of self confidence because it is a hairstyle that just screams "all eyes on me." You have to be very secure with yourself to have heads turning in your direction everywhere you go! 


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