The soul Tees & I love my fro Challenge

It’s the soul tees/ I love my fro challenge.
The final week! Just one shot to go and it’s so exiting.The sponsors for this last challenge have send their stuff way ahead of time so it wasn’t really a surprise for the models what was coming but of course i still had to add a bit of an extra challenging surprise to it.
Besides shooting for the sponsors Soul Seed Tees and I love my fro, I asked the top 3 models to take five shots of themselves and tell us how they evolved during the competition. I also asked them to make a video to share their experience with the rest of us. 

Natural Hair Lydia

NOLA beads for SoulSeed Tees

This is why wearing clothing that accurately portrays the power, beauty, and class of a Black woman is so important. We need to plant those seeds of identity that say ‘we are powerful, beautiful, strong, and valuable’ in our community to combat the lies that say ‘we are powerless, ugly, feeble, and worthless.’’ When our …

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