Beyonce and other Black History Month Videos

Beyonce's video Formation

Before Formation the new video of Beyonce took over and #blackhistorymonth was trending for almost a week these were the top 3 videos I tremendously enjoyed.

Black History giveaway

Ok, this is not about the video in and on itself, I am just happy that Going-Natural wrote history by bringing together more than 20 Black owned Companies to collaborate and do a giveaway for Black History month. Check it, click the link to get free stuff (Buy Black History & Valentine Giveaway) leave a comment for a chance to get all of that stuff for free.

Remember Franchesca Leigh Ramsey, the beautiful natural with dreadlocks whom we interviewed some years ago? She now has her own show and check out this informative video she created about Black History Month.

A World Without Black History Month ft. Franchesca "Chescaleigh" Ramsey

Posted by MTV on Friday, February 5, 2016

Then there is the B video! Please watch before reading further so that you can have your own opinion. Of course I like to hear what you have to say so don’t forget to comment.

My moment is of course “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and afros” sending a message to the people negatively commenting on Blue Ivy’s hair. Still I can’t deny other strong messages throughout the clip. The climax of the little boy dancing at the end, he reminds me of Michael Jackson, is what everybody talks about because it’s profound!

The best articles I read about the Beyonce video are: 

BEYONCE IS THE NEW BLACK: THE 10 BLACKEST MOMENTS IN BEYONCE’S “FORMATION” VIDEO from Very Smart Brothers followed by Beyonce’s ‘Formation’: A Fiery Black Power Anthem and Call to Arms.

I haven’t read awesume Luvvy yet but if you don’t know her get to read her because she usually is a good source to follow with often a hilarous preception: Beyonce’s Formation is Her Best Thing Yet and it’s the IDGAF Anthem 

Now I am looking forward to hear what you think. 


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