Vee’s Funky little fuzzy hat!

Vee’s Funky little fuzzy hat!

Finally!  I'd been wondering when I was going to get to model my funky, little fuzzy, brown hat.  This was my absolutely fav of all the goodies we received.  



Sporty, chic, fun, fashionable!  That's exactly how I describe this number.  And judging from the looks and compliments I received, that's exactly how I looked in it too 😉   Now you know I couldn't let a look like this go to waste.  My friends and I went to Peppers Sports Grill & Bar for a night of karaoke.  And yes I got up and sang.  And yes I made a mess.  But guess what?  No one was actually listening to me, cause they were too busy looking at me in my hat!  

What a save. 

There is just something extra appealing about a woman sporting an accessory that is usually considered masculine, while not losing her femininity.   So when I put on my little fuzzy newsboy cap, I felt a different kind of sexy – a different kind of confidence.  

Usually hats top off an outfit.  Not this one and not this time.  The hat was the main course and I chose the outfit and jewelry that best accented it.  And the best part?  The versatility.  I loved the fact that with just a few minor changes in how I wore it, I could completely change the look and feel to compliment my mood.

Ladies, if you don't already have one, you've got to get you one.

I'm just hoping like heck I can keep this one!

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