Latrenia Bryant on Challenge 7

Latrenia Bryant on Challenge 7

Latrenia BryantReShonda– The green hat goes beautifully with your skin tone. Your hair is gorgeous!  In regards to the photos with the hat, those images are substandard compared  to the beads/shells necklace. I can see you TRIED to sell the hat but the lack of enthusiasm is clear in those photos especially the 1st and 4th photos and I’m distracted by the wrinkled outfit in photo #3. The necklace on the other hand, Yes I want it! I immediately thought of a scene Diana Ross did in Mahogany 😀  Like you said, it’s gorgeous.

Latrenia Bryant It’s clear you loved it and it looks fabulous on you. The necklace photos look great with the exception of the 2nd one, I don’t like the fingers showing. Also in photo #4 (the profile)  shots like this you should remember to keep your fingers close together, it looks more feminine. Overall, Nice job but I do wish I could have seen at least one full length shot.

Nefertiti- You’re a trooper! I know it hasn’t been easy receiving the negative feedback and being the underdog but I must say I can definitely tell you listened.  You look more relaxed and natural. In regards to the ‘hat’ images you look very nice in the 1st and last two images.  I would have left out the 2nd image because it’s blurry. You look happy and youthful but my first thoughts with this kind of hat is that it’s for a more reserved and refined/mature woman thus aging you bit. In regards to the necklace images, the composition (the way the photographer framed you) is slightly awkward in those first two images because the shoulder is cropped off  I actually love the look you’re giving in them and yes, I want that necklace! These images are better than your hat images in regards to your modeling. When it comes to your overall photographs I wish clarity (sharpness) was present to make that necklace and you pop more. I’m a fan of sun flare when placed properly in the photo but this just didn’t work, it’s distracts from the necklace and your beauty.

Desyray– I’m worried because you look a little worried/lost. The composition(the position from which the photographer shot you) is little awkward in the 1st image, not totally bad in fact kind of interesting but the remaining images are not what I would call modelicious.  The poses, the expressions.. appears you had no clue on how to sell the accessories. Your images would not make me want to go out and purchase anything you are wearing. The hat was wearing you. Also, Images where armpits are exposed are usually not very good because the eyes will go straight to that area. IF one feels the need to do that type of shot the area should be clean and free of hair/stubble. Overall, my least favorite in this challenge.

Kala– I wish you were right here in front of me, I want to shake you because YOU GOT IT!!!!!! Who is this girl and where has she been? This my dear is how you should have started the competition!! I thought I was looking at a professional working model. I could clearly see these images in a magazine! I’m so very proud of you. Last week you did a good job and was one of my favorites, This week you ARE my favorite. The styling is super duper awesome. Hair/Make up is fabulous. The accessories are gorgeous. The photographs are jaw dropping. I want EVERYTHING you have on. In my opinion, you’re the best in the bunch this week! You did your research when you purchased those high fashion magazines and it paid off. This is your best shoot thus far. Not a bad picture in the bunch 😀

Chassity– Loving that hat. That 2nd photo is so Iman in regards to the expression you gave. I love it. The necklace looks great on you as well and over all you have AND consistently give beautiful images but I’m left feeling  just a little underwhelmed in regards to your over all styling. The only difference between the images with the exception of the accessories was the jacket and the hair didn’t change. Overall, nice job but not as modelicious as you have been in the past. 

My top 3 are: ReShonda, Kala, and Chassity

My Challenge winner is: Kala

My choice to exit the challenge is: Desyray

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