Teesha Borum feedback for challenge 7

Thanks ladies for putting your best foot forward this week.  You all took note from last weeks critiques, so it shows how serious you are taking the competition.



I am so impressed!  This inner diva has started to shine in you…who is this girl!? I absolutely LOVE the color in your photos…the hair changes, the makeup, the styling, the attitude.  You are gorgeous, and im glad to see you have found a photographer who has been able to capture you so well.  I love the thought you put into your shoots because in order to create we have to draw from inspiration so Im glad to see you tapping into that. All of your accessories looked so great on you and made me want them!  Great job…you DO have what it takes!  If you were competing along side me in 2010, you would have definitely kept me on my toes!!  Thank you for fusing natural hair and high fashion..


I love the colors against your skin…In the hat you look so Michelle Obamaesque:)  Great job with having various backgrounds this shoot…It adds dimension.  I would have loved to see a horizontal pic of you with the neck piece since the piece is so chunky.  Vertical images overwhelmed the shot somehow…but overall you looked great!


I particularly loved you taking notes from last weeks critique and showing different sides of yourself! You have such a pretty smile and its great to see you carefree…I would have liked to see you put more thought into your wardrobe this week because the first set of photos with the hat threw me off.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the last set (black tank, barefoot).  Watch out when wearing a tank top and showing your armpits just because armpits are typically awkward to look at unless they are lit amazingly to remove shadows. 


Good job with the subtle smiles, gleem in your eyes etc.  You come across very pleasant…I would have liked to see you model the hat and jewelry separately so that we could see your hair.  The photos were a little busy to me because you wore all of the accessories together. 


Great job in bringing the light of your smile to the photos!  I would have liked to see you change your wardrobe and makeup…instead of being dark when wearing the pink hat it would have been nice for you to have worn something lighter.  As said before from me, your pictures are submitted with a dull quality to them- a haze.  This unfortunately doesn’t allow your photos to stand out amongst other sharp photos submitted.   


Top Choice : Kala

Choice for elimination: Nefertiti


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