Ebony Clark Valentine’s Day Feedback

Ebony Clark Valentine’s Day Feedback


Overall I enjoyed the challenge. There was definitely variety between each model, and each of you did your best to capture your version of love and make proper use of your wedding pieces. 




As usual, you look very confident in your photos.  It looks like there’s a bit of complexity in the way you used your head piece. It seems to be intwined in your locs. I LOVE that, and your make up looks great! This week, I felt that your pictures were okay.  Upon seeing them, my thoughts were, “Oh, how cute. She looks nice”, but I wasn’t blown away.  I would loved to see you mix intensity with fun and relaxation.  


Chassity, Chassity, Chassity… I read your write-up at least three times. I am truly captured by your spirit and sincerity. Your photos look simple, beautiful, romantic, and clean.  You look elegant, classy, and regal. I would love to see a burst of excitement or over-the-top happiness in your face in at least one photo, but you are undeniably my favorite. 


One of my favorite things about you is your smile. However, I missed seeing creativity and life in your photo shoot. The photos taken inside were dull and unflattering.  Although you made really good use of the head piece and the theme of this week’s challenge, the photos lacked quality and life.  I’m sorry to say that I was unable to connect with you this week.   


ReShonda, I love the dynamics and romanticism you captured in your photos. As usual, you look flawless. You portrayed an actual bride wearing the ensemble and the headpiece beautifully.  Unfortunately,  the photos lacked range and depth. It would have been great to see a variety of backgrounds, moods, and positions.  Even if the photographer had switched positions/angles once or twice, you’d have a completely different background.  Next week I’d like to see you make better use of your surroundings.


Your smile is absolutely dynamite!!!! Your hair is flawless and well styled in your photos, and the quality of your photos are great. I love the way you made use of your wedding accessory, but I missed seeing the whole wedding look put together. I know you said there was snow in Michigan, but I would have loved to see more variety in your photos and for you to have been more creative with your use of space. It almost looks like you were posing in a photo booth, or at JCPenney, in the same position…just moving your head. For the most part, they’re very nice pictures. I can see them in Black Hair magazine.


I love your features and your physique…one of the most stunning women in the competition. Unfortunately, this week I almost didn’t recognize you. I missed the vibrancy and depth you delivered in your previous photos.  Although that burst of color looked great on you, I don’t feel you made the best use of the head piece. I could not see your beautiful hair. The second set of photos were captured in direct sunlight, which makes your photos look overexposed. 


You have GOT to be one of the most beautiful human beings I’ve ever seen.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your write-up, as it gave me a tiny glimpse of who you are. You did a great job of displaying the wedding accessory in your hair.  I would have loved to see more variety in your photos. Maybe try different areas within the location. You already have the foundation to go very far in this industry.


Last Words: Always do your very best and be true to who your are. Judges are critiquing from their own perspectives. Everyone is an individual, so it can be hard to take each individual critique into consideration. Make sure you are 100% happy with the effort you put forth at the end of the day. Remember to remain encouraged, confident, and focused.  Much Love, Joy, & Peace!

Chassity & Carlie are my top faves.

Jalita & Nefertiti are my least faves.


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