Teesha Borum Feedback for Challenge 6


As the winner of ANNM 2010, I know what all of you ladies are going through.  Something to always keep in mind first and foremost is that no matter what other people say or think about you, YOU have to love yourself first!  $1000 is on the line, so knowingly the competition will not be a walk in the park; so don’t expect it to be easy.  They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so with that being said the critiques of the judges are strictly a judge’s opinion. 


There is a saying that says “Eat the meat and throw away the bones”, so take what you can from the critique and apply it the best way you know how. Whatever you feel does not apply to you, disregard it.  Even if none of your friends go to your page and click 5 stars, or if none of the judges choose you…will you still love yourself and let that shine the next week?  I hope so, because that is what modeling is about and modeling should not dictate your self worth or validate you.  Let this as an opportunity to share yourself with the world…and the world wants to see a confident woman that although has challenges is able to overcome victoriously.  Good luck ladies!  Have fun:)

Teesha Borum (ANNM 2010)



You are my top pick, hands down!  As soon as I saw your photos my breath was taken away.  I thought “Yay, she is displaying that beautiful smile and looks like a glowing bride”!  You look absolutely gorgeous, I can’t find one thing to critique about your photos.  I love how you distinguished between your V-day shoot and your wedding shoot with wardrobe, color, hairstyle, props, makeup…it shows your creativity and how much attention you paid to detail.  These little things pay off in a big way and you showed that in your photos.  Not to mention your photographer did an excellent job capturing your beauty.  The sassy, giddy and romantic side that you wanted to express is apparent…I love how you pulled from inspiration of your current crush and a mood from music.  THAT is what modeling is about.  It’s not just about looking pretty, but being a storyteller.  Awesome job, I look forward to next week!


I’ve taken note of how easy it is for you to photograph.  Beautiful skin and bone structure does half of the work for you…however I am waiting to see a wider range of emotion displayed in your photographs.  I also would have loved to see a difference between the wedding theme and V-day theme.  They all looked like wedding pics to me, but were missing an extra spark or glee.  My encouragement to you is to not be safe and predictable in your remaining shoots.  Be exciting, daring and free!  Display the many sides of Chassity, not just a pretty face.


You are a very pretty girl…I love your hair, you have great skin and for the most part you have been consistent with your photos during this competition.   One thing that stands out to me immediately is that your photos this week appear dull…A wedding day is full of love and joy so that is what I want to see in the pictures.  Your emotion fell flat and the coloring of the photos fell flat as well.  My favorite image of you is when you are smiling and looking off to the side with the sky in the background.  The sky lightened up the image and your smile did the same.  I just wish all of your photos had this same cheer while  being displayed with different angles, colors etc.  The headpiece looked great in your hair but would have stood out more with better lighting, scenery and emotion.  Like I said, you are a very pretty girl but unleash Nefertiti and let the world see who you REALLY are.  There seems to be a veil hiding YOU but we want to see you:)


I love how you gave different facial expressions and modeled different angles to display your hair and accessories.  My critique is that the photos with the pink flowers in the background gave the photo an added pop but the photos that were brown in the background were really drab.  I personally think the photos would be better without the bouquet in your hand as well- That way the audience could zone in on the headpiece as well as the beauty of you.  I would have loved to see the freedom you showed last week, b/c this week your images came across “posey”.  You have all of the elements (beautiful hair, desire, great smile etc), just be detailed with all aspects of the shoot without doing too much.


I love the way the neck piece falls on you and the hair accessories look so pretty.  Great job at modeling different angles to display your beautiful hairstyle!  Your facial expressions were soft and pretty for the most part, just make sure to have life in your eyes for every shot.  In some of the pics your makeup looked to heavy so I would make sure to blend well or utilize Photoshop to tone it down a little.  Also pic your scenery wisely…in some of the shots, the background was distracting and did not fit the mood of the picture.  Overall, nice execution.


Although you seem to always put your best foot forward, the lighting and or photography doesn’t always work in sync with you.  This challenge, the lighting in your photos are very harsh and blow out your features thus making the images unusable.  I give you props for modeling different angles and giving a range of emotions though.  I would have preferred you not have a bouquet in the shoot because the photo appears to be really busy.  Between the hat and the bouquet, I’m not sure what to focus on.  The first shot with the single rose was less distracting; however the shadows from the sun/leaves were a distraction.  It is best to shoot when the sun is not directly overhead.  Either when it’s more east or more west to avoid casted shadows.  My opinion is that the headpiece was wearing you, rather than you wearing it.  But you worked with what you were given to the best of your ability.  Just make sure not to let accessories block your face as it did in the second shot.  Next week work on submitting the best photos possible as if you were shooting an ad campaign.  Your personal effort always shines through, just make sure the photographer can capture that to the fullest extent.


You hair looks absolutely beautiful!  The texture is amazing and appears to be a dark wool.  Healthy, plush and an all around display of natural hair.  I loved your write up as well and glad that you got to experience being a bride for a day:)  My critique is like I’ve given others so far…I am missing something from your images in terms of showing emotion.  I say this because I get the same feel from all of your pictures each week so it tells me that emotions are not being explored for each shoot.  I would have also like to have seen a more vibrant scenery to enhance to photos.  My favorite images of you were image #3 and #6.   I hope to see more range next week.

 My top choice : Kala b/c you were the only one that clearly differentiated between the wedding theme vs. V-day theme.

My bottom two: Jaliita and Carlie based on comparing quality of photos to the other ladies.



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