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My father and I frequently have conversations about my hair. Where I live very few people are natural and fewer still are my age (21). Having natural hair is percieved almost as a lack  of hygiene or finesse. To him relaxed hair is beautiful  and more manageable: acceptable. Besides this is in America, looks matter; why go against the norm?  My mother puts a “hassle free” relaxer that needs not the conventional hooded dryer or even roller sets. My father once said, “Look at your mother’s hair, it looks like a white woman’s hair.” (without a second thought !) I don’t expect any reparations.

He did point out that natural hair is more time consuming and very limited. I don’t have a rebuttal for those ones yet. I am learning as I go along! Lately, I’ve been avoiding  SLS and SAS in shampoos and  all forms of petroleum.

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