Accessories Give Me Life!

Short Natural Hairstyle
Short Natural Hairstyle
Short Natural Hairstyle

Are you guilty of going out shopping to buy an outfit but a beautiful necklace or earrings gives you pause? Let’s say you find a dress but there is a superb hat staring you in the face and it has your style written all over it. Need I remind you you’re only supposed to buy “After Five” attire, but have you ever had a pair of heels make you question your purpose for leaving the house? What is a woman to do?

Well, this challenge reminded me of how much I love being creative and pulling a look together. You don’t need a lot of money to make a boring outfit pop with pizazz. All you need is knowledge of what’s available and what will work with your style. Accessories are everywhere and in places you least expect to find them. Wearing natural hair allows me to have fun while creating a work of art with my ensemble.

The accessories I am modeling in these photos are a beautiful orange tone necklace with earrings and a unique flower hat made out of zippers. This week I wanted to play around with lighting for my photos. Good or bad this was certainly an interesting experiment. I also wanted to use a mirror so you can view the back of my hat for hair placement.

Overall, I am thankful to God for helping me make it thus far. No, it has not been easy but I’m grateful for the opportunity. This photo shoot is dedicated to the women that are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Things may not always go the way you planned, but in due time you will end up right where you need to be. Keep the faith, encourage yourself, and remember there are great things in store for you. Don’t always look at what’s coming against you, but pay attention to whom is standing right by your side.


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