Why Your Braids, 4C hair and Locs Are Craving a Microfiber Towel


For women with natural hair, finding the perfect drying method can be a struggle. Even if every step of the washing process is carefully calibrated—from the temperature of the water to the sulfate-free conditioner—improper drying can wreak havoc on curl pattern. The solution? Microfiber towels. They’re a simple, effective way to ensure your curls dry right.

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The Problem with Regular Towels 

Your standard bathroom towels are probably made of cotton. While cotton is undoubtedly durable, soft, and absorbent, the woven framework used to make traditional towels isn’t ideal for natural hair. These towels are constructed of loose loops, which are woven together to create the standard towel texture. While this framework enhances absorption, making towels effective for drying wet skin, it also creates friction. When used to dry natural curls, this texture can cause frizz.

The Microfiber Towel Difference 

Instead of being made out of cotton, microfiber towels are made of a blend of polyamide and polyester. This material is even softer than cotton, which minimizes the frizz-inducing friction caused by regular towels. These towels are structurally different as well; they are woven together using tighter loops. When used to dry the hair, they glide smoothly across the locks and do not disrupt the natural curl pattern.

The GSM Factor 

Towel quality is often gauged via GSM, which measures grams per square meter. Towels made of microfiber usually have more grams per square meter than cotton towels, due to their tightly woven framework. The higher the GSM, the more absorbent the towel. This is beneficial for women with thick, curly hair, as their hair can take hours to fully dry.

The Main Benefits of Microfiber 

If you choose a towel made out of microfiber, you’ll instantly notice the difference. Because of the soft surface, they cut down on the frizz that occurs when you rub your hair with a normal towel. They’re also more effective at absorbing moisture, which can substantially cut down on drying time. If your current wash and dry routine simply takes too long, a towel made of microfiber might help you cut your dry time in half.

How to Use It 

Right after washing your hair, stand over the sink or bathtub and gently squeeze your hair with your hands. This should remove some of the excess moisture. Once your hair is no longer dripping wet, grab your microfiber towel. Instead of rubbing your hair dry, simply wrap your hair in the towel and tuck it into place atop your head. This should be enough to kick start the drying process.

Every woman’s hair texture is different and will require different drying times. After a few uses, however, you’ll start to get a sense of how long your hair takes to dry when wrapped in microfiber. You’re sure to find that the drying time is much more efficient when you swap your standard towel for a curl-friendly option!

Microfiber Hair Towel for Braids, Locs, 4C hair, Curls and Afros


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