Vee’s Hair Story

Vee's Natural hairstyle and story

 Vee's Natural hairstyle and storyOne day after all the confusion had settled, I was looking at the going-natural site and said to myself, you know what? I just may do it! Why not? I was lucky enough to have gone from saying, “That could be me” to “That could’ve been me.” What an eye opener!

I thought about the contest some more and decided that the possibilities and opportunities far out-weighed the vanity of it all. And if I would let something as small as hair keep me from pursuing something this big, then I didn’t deserve to win anyway.

So here I am.

When did I go natural? Well let’s see. What time is it? Oh, about 19 hours ago. I went to the barber shop yesterday evening and had them to cut it all off. Every inch and guess what? I absolutely love it! I feel so free! I feel so alive.

I guess the most difficult part about it was getting the courage to actually go to the barber shop. Sitting down in that chair was the point of no return. No looking back.
And the happiest time, I have to say,  was when the cut was finished and I looked in the mirror and absolutely loved what I saw.


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