Using a wig as protective style


It’s a while since I wrote here. Through my struggles with loose hair, I’ve discovered that my hair loves/needs moisturizing conditioners, curl activator type products with some oil to seal moisture in. I had a run in with Henna and it left my hair brittle. But I now think it was probably the Type of henna I used. I believed the herbalist when she said it was all natural. I’ve since

discovered that liquid henna cannot be pure and must have had some chemical agent (sodium pricamate) added. Whether this is damaging or not, I don’t know. But ladies, be careful what goes on your hair. Check and re-check everything. Fortunately with several deep conditionings, my hair is almost back to normal. So I purchased an afro textured wig. This is what it looks like with a small bit of my hairline out. It’s enabled me to get my favourite wash’n go look without going out with wet hair in the cold, and I can slap it on in less than 5 min. My own hair is cornrowed back in 4 big braids except the hairline which I twist every night to sleep.


Going Natural Hair Care package
Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children


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