Twisted Haven; A Natural Hairstyle that is ageless and classic

Twisted Haven; A Natural Hairstyle by Adenike

Seeking a protective style that includes protecting your ends besides for a bun? The Twisted Haven Style by Natural Hair and Damage Specialist, Adenike, is the perfect style for those who are seeking to fully protect their strands for an extended period. This timeless style Perfect for all occasions from professional settings and social events to leisure and active naturals, The Twisted Haven is an ageless classic.

Adenike creates styles to protect the hair from harm, not just from chemical and thermal processes such as Flat Irons, and Blow Dryers but also from the environmental factors like climate change, the sun, wind, and cold weather. The aforementioned issues results in hair to becoming dry, brittle, and damaged which leads to hair being dull, lifeless, and stunted growth from breakage.

long hair braided updo back

Model is Lurie Daniel favors from Afro State of Mind – Stylist is Adenike from The Woven Wool

To combat these issues, Adenike used products from the Going-Natural product line consisting of Going-Naturals Clean start system which includes a combo set of Herbal Shampoo and the Detox Conditioner to remove build up and toxins from the strands without stripping the natural oils resulting in dryness. The Silky Shea Hair Butter used is to provide a silky-soft feeling by combining ingredients of Pure Shea Butter and Organic Aloe Vera leaves hair shiny, soft to touch, yet moisturized while being braided or twisted.

To create the Twisted Haven look, thoroughly wash and detox hair using Going-Naturals products. Follow through with the Going-Natural No More Knots Detangler. Separate hair into sections and apply the Silky Shea Hair Butter to the sections as you begin to twist into style. When twists meet in the middle, combine them to create a double French roll, making sure the ends are tucked in. Your style is complete.

To maintain style, wrap hair nightly after applying the Scalp Conditioning Spray. This spray offers a refreshing and nourishing feel to your scalp while giving the added shine you need to revive your style for the next day.

Going Natural Hair Care package
Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children

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long hair braided updo back2

Model is Lurie Daniel favors from Afro State of Mind – Stylist is Adenike from The Woven Wool


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