Win tickets to HAIRitage the play: The journey of Sistahs with their hair

Hair'itage The Play

Hair’itage, by Niccole Gaines is one of those plays I had the privilege of seeing and wanted e-ve-ry Black woman to see. The playwright who is maturely loced herself clearly never lost touch with our roots. All of our textures and hair choices are represented very well in a thoughtful, relatable and yet hilarious way.

Hair'itage The Play about Black women and Natural Hair

For Black women with or without natural hair, that ever-changing accessory is connected to everything from race relations, the corporate environment to love and marriage. The play tackles much needed dialogue about the complexities of having natural hair and all the aspects of life that it affects. Hair’itage follows six ‘sistahs’ and their respective natural hair journeys, and leaves an audience empowered, relating very much to the storyline and the characters.

Back by popular demand for one day in New York after being in Los Angeles for several months, this play is a must see.

niccole gaines from Hairitage a Play about Black Women and HairThe tickets are $27 which includes a free open wine bar, and will be held at The Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn on November 27 at 3pm. At, we always want to be a part of the ongoing conversation about natural hair, and of course, we would love our members and follower to come along for the ride. We are giving away two tickets to HAIRitage the play.

About Niccole Gaines

As a recipient of a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts from Morgan State University, Nicole Nero Gaines has an interest and definite experience in theatre arts. Her company, 4 love productions creates both live staged productions and filmed pieces, like “Unmodel Behavior”, a teen sitcom. With the writing and directing of several plays under her belt, her experience as a salon owner set her on a path to merge the two interests, and HAIRitage the play was born. According to Gaines in an interview with NY Amsterdam News, “Many times, a woman’s self-esteem is directly linked to how she feels about her hair. Hair is one of the easiest things a woman can change about her appearance. Many women treat hair as an accessory to an outfit.”

Please join me and let’s go see the play. Support this wonderful woman and get your tickets at

If you want to win free tickets, please leave a comment sharing your funniest natural hair experience!


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