Tight Coils cause breakage?

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A year ago, I decided to cut my locs off.  I then started wearing my hair natural.  Ever since then, I’ve had a lot trouble with my hair breaking off due to the tightness of my curls.  How can I loosen up my hair without having to straighten it or perm it?

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I don’t think the tightness of your curls cause your hair to break. In all my experience with natural hair, I have never seen it.

Hair breakage is the nr. 1 cause why natural hair doesn’t grow but the main reason behind the breakage is the way we treat our hair. Simply said, we have to stop doing things that break our hair.Now unfortunately you didn’t send your hair care regimen however a plan on how to get healthy hair is always helpful because that is really what you want. Healthy hair doesn’t break easily and almost always looks beautiful.

So, ask yourself what keeps you from having healthy hair. Then stop doing the things that make your hair unhealthy. Unfortunately often we don’t know what keeps our hair from being healthy so here are a few tips:

1. stop using straightening chemicals

2. stop using straightening tools like hot combs and flat irons.

3. find the right tools and products for your hair. Stop using shampoos with sls and other harsh chemicals that damage and dry out strands and replace them with natural pH balanced shampoos that clean your hair without stripping it from it’s natural moisture.

To grow your hair, it’s best to keep your hair in braids overnight and sleep with a scarf. Depending on the braids that you choose, you can wear them for a week and then wear it loose during the day. Just make sure that your strands are always, ALWAYS properly moisturized (I do recommend the Silky Shea to keep strands moisturized) and braid up the hair at night.

Of course you also have to wash on a regular basis. I strongly recommend the Sula Hair and Scalp detox every month to remove buildup and dust that your hair may catch and to clear the scalp and keep it healthy.

For products I would recommend you try the Sula hair & scalp detox to deep cleanse your strands and purge your scalp from buildup and toxins. I’d also recommend the Silky shea to keep your strands soft and moisturized. This is very important because moisturized strands are pliable and flexible and will prevent hair breakage.

Start out with these products, see how they work and then follow up depending on your hair’s need.

Sula Detox :Clean start

Silky Shea :Silky Shea Hair Butter

I sincerely hope that this information is helpful. Good luck and stay beautiful.


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