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Greetings and Welcome! Community was created, founded and set up by Drs. Mireille Liong, with the goal to collectively change the stereotypical perception of natural hair.


Despite the fact that Black women outspend every other ethnic group when it comes to hair, we still suffer disproportionally from hair loss: 73% of African American women deal with relaxer induced alopecia that means hair loss related to relaxers and weaves.

The root of the problem

To change this we first have to realize that Black people are the only people on planet earth who don’t have the basic human right to wear their god-given tresses natural. Styles like dreadlocks, cornrows and Afros are stereotyped and not accepted in the corporate world.

Change is needed

To turn things around we have to fundamentally change the perception of Black natural hair because the notion that our hair is less than and our hairstyles are not good enough, is clearly killing our strands. Simply said, we can’t have healthy hair without a healthy perception of our hair, in and outside of our community.

Projects for change

So to transform the ideas, online since 2002, has implemented the following projects to positively drive change to achieve healthier hair and scalps for Black women worldwide.

  • America’s Next Natural Model; an online pageant to promote the beauty of natural hair, launch models with natural hair and feature Black businesses in support of natural beauty.
  • Bad Hair uprooted; a traveling photo exhibition shooting for justice aiming to change perceptions by exposing unequal hair rights one shot at the time.
  • The Going Natural Video Diaries; an ongoing online documentary that captures the natural hair movement in motion.
  • Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair; a guide to help Black women on a natural journey.
  • Going Natural Hair Care; Our own hair care line designed with a love and understanding of African strands to make our hair flourish, no matter your style of choice or your place on the planet.

We need your help and how you can help

Change is not easy and change doesn’t come fast so we need ever click, share, comment and member to help us spread the word and the beautiful natural hairstyles that are changing this world. Here is how you can help:

  • Spread the word: tell everyone you know about, online and offline
  • Share photo’s, articles, videos, products that you like with your friends on social media
  • Comment on photo’s, articles, videos that you like
  • Register to become a member. It’s free.
  • If you are a model or aspire to be one, upload your photo, tell us who you are and give us a quote.
  • Shop, buy and try the Going Natural Hair Care products and let us know how you like them
  • Join the Going Natural Video Diaries and send us your hair story.
  • If you are a entrepreneur who sells hair products, accessories or treasures from the Diaspora, register to open up a store.
  • Donate to help build the mall and uplift our community.

As they say in Suriname my gratitude equals your generosity. I look forward to all that we can accomplish. Thank you!


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