Simeko – Feedback on Week 3

This week’s challange was exciting for me because I am a Natural Hair Care Stylist, but I must say I was very disappointed.  As beautiful and versatile as our natural hair is, I certainly thought I would see much more creativity with the styles.  Every style that was done this week were basic styles that I see all the time….and don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this, but this is a competition so basis is not good enough.  This shoot was suppose to be about the hair style and I don’t think any of the models really captured that.  With that said, the two styles that I thought were most creative was that of KALA and NEFERTITI.  In the running is RESHONDA as well.

KALA – Your style was beautiful yet simple to accomplish.  However, the instructions were not as detailed as they should have been.  For example you mention how to do the three rolls/buns in the back but left out how to acheive the bump on the top.  It would have been nice to see more angles of the style as well.

NEFERTITI – Your style was creative and the most original I’ve seen in the competition because you used your own hair as an accessory.  However, I feel like I couldn’t really see the beauty of the style.   And I didn’t see any instructions on how to accomplish that look.

RESHONDA – Although I didn’t think your style was very creative, your hair look fabulous. As beautiful as your hair looked just as it was, you definitely could have shown different ways to style it.   Your instructions were detailed and easy to follow.  Your photos were great and I thought they really captured the nature of this shoot. 

My choice for winner is RESHONDA

My choice for elimination is JUSTYCE CHAVEZ



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