Rolled crown a Natural Hairstyle for a Royal Holiday Season

Rolled crown a Natural Hairstyle

If you are determined to turn heads this holiday season with your natural hair, consider this fancy hairdo. A style that will leave you feeling like the Queen you deserve to be, a style that sets you a part from everyone else: The Rolled Crown created by stylist Nicole Simson perfect for brides, special occasions, and formal events.

Rolled Crown elegant natural hair updo back

Stylist, Nicole Simson, created this look for naturals who opted to not go with their textured roots, mainly 4a/4b hair types with thick strands. The rolled look creates an illusion of a royal crown using tiny French rolled sections of hair that’s pinned down with bobby pins to hold in place. Lastly, pin the sides up as if you were doing a mokawk.This style was created with shoulder-length hair on 4-B textured hair taking only three hours to create, The Rolled Crown last for up to five days with proper care.

The products used are all from the Going-Natural product line: Going-Natural Herbal Shampoo removes toxins and buildup in the hair and scalp. The Going-Natural Deep Moisturizing Conditioner includes the rich ingredients of Argan oil, Coconut Oil and Shea butter to moisturize hair from the root to the tip after shampooing with the Herbal Shampoo. Applied to each layer or roll, The Silky Shea Hair Butter provides the shine and softness to this style. Going-Naturals Herbal Styling Gel provides enough stick to hold your style in place without having the white buildup from other gels. The Herbal Styling Gel also provides moisture to your strands while it is in its kept state.

Maintaining this protective style is not complicated. As stated, the Rolled Crown can last five days or more if taken properly care of. Be sure to use Going-Natural’s Scalp Conditioning Spray. It’s not only for the scalp. The Herbal spray provides nourishment and long-lasting shine while your hair is pinned away, adding to the continued care of your strands. The Rolled Crown is a definite go to style for a bride-to-be. Why not enjoy being the natural beauty queen you were destined to be on your wedding day.

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Rolled Crown elegant natural hair updo

elegant natural hair updo




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