ReShonda – Picture Perfect hair

Reshonda for Going Natural

Your hair can become easier to manage and look beautiful without much effort at all! That is why picking the best products are so important for gorgeous AND healthy hair. Here are the steps I took to achieve this wonderful Twist Out look.

  1. First you want to start with a clean slate by removing all product build up and toxins from  your hair. I co-washed with Going Natural’s “Detox Conditioner”.

   2. After rinsing,  I squeezed out the water and applied “No More Knots” Detangler to my hair, let it sit for a few seconds to soften the hair, separate hair into four sections and then use a wide tooth comb to gently detangle from the ends up.

  3. After detangling, I divided my hair into sections, applied the “Curly Twist Out Hair Milk” and combed it through. I then two strand twisted each section until all of my hair was complete! Last, but not least, I let my hair air dry.

  4. Finally after my hair was completely dry, I carefully took my twists apart and separated them until my hair grew big and full. I used the “Herbal Styling Gel” to help tame my edges and enhance the curls around my hairline.

And that’s that, Picture Perfect hair… even in the water!! Mahalo 🙂

Reshonda for Going Natural

When you take the time to show your hair tender loving care, every day is like a vacation in a Tropical Paradise!
Natural Hair is Big, Bold and Strong! It is a crown upon my head.
Reshonda for Going Natural
My Natural Hair.
Reshonda for Going Natural
The Beauty of Natural Hair from any angle.
Reshonda for Going Natural
One of the beauties of Natural hair is that it isn’t afraid to get wet! It still looks fabulous.
Reshonda for Going Natural
Loving the hair I’m in.
Reshonda for Going Natural
I Love My Natural and she loves me.





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