On the topic of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

On the subject of Bill Cosby – and this message is specifically for people who identify as Black – no matter if you think Cosby is guilty of serial rape or the victim of a racist system that perpetuates the image of the “beastly” black brute lusting/drugging/raping white woman – I say to you that our children are watching and we want/need them (our girls and our boys) to be clear – that actions have consequences.

Our children need to know that we love them to the moon and back so they don’t need to go looking for substitutes.

Our children need to know that yhey are the most precious of beings and only the best (in terms of friends and then a mate) will do.

Our children need to know that the criteria for their love is not a car, wardrobe or a date at the “right” place or sex in the wrong place; its real love in return.

Our children need to know that they are worthy of the limelight and not the slime at night.

Our children need to know that we will call them out if a) they are abusing their privilege or b) not living up to their promise.

Our children (boys and girls) need to TRUST US and KNOW that we will take down the Black Panther himself of somebody messes with them!

Our boys need to know that women aren’t an accessory that they can use when they need it. (Be “your brother’s keeper) and SHOW them the way to talk to and treat their mama and that chick with the banging body in the street!)

Our girls need to know that carrying themselves like Princesses and NOT Property for sale is the ticket to success. (We need to SHOW our girls that education and inner beauty is more important and outlasts physical beauty)

Our children need to know about life and we need to discuss real life scenarios with them and test their decision making.

How about a family discussion about, “What would you do if a famous person who we didn’t know and you only knew from TV invited you to a hotel room?” “What would you do if you really wanted a job and your boss asked you to come over, or have a drink that you didn’t see him or her pour?” Or “Would you do drugs with someone who is unknown to your family and friends in a hotel room just because he or she was famous? Listen very closely to the answers – they will tell you how and what has influence over them.

Cosby has a defense team. Our job is to protect and prepare our dream team for the rest of their lives.

From my friend Stefanie Zinerman


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