new level new devil on my hair hourney

Big Chop Near Me

Have you wonder why people always take a second look on your hair and not you as in the whole person? have you ever recieve comment like why in the world will you go for this nappy look?  or oh  i heard going natural is lot of work and spend lot on many product to make your hair managable

well like a year and 7 months ago. i transition for abt 6-8 months and finally did a big chop on feb that time i had about 2-4 inch on hair and oh boy! i could not believe i cut ma hair.and i looked 10 years yonger.i remember going to my doctor and he said” what happen to you?you look amazing with your teenage look and i saw a freind and she was like” oh why would you do that? this natual thing is for low class peaple and no man will look at you twice  because you look so childish…… and men like long hair yea that what i got from my friend.

Hence i begun to have a second thought about the whole natural hair journey.i started hiding it in braids ,weave to grow it faster,i guess that was a bad idear, i begun to loos my edges .

 i went back on youtube and was encouseaged by peaople like sunshinlovespace , simplYounique ..

shout out to you all .

these 2 ladies helped me a lot to embrace my short chicky look. i begun to love the hair and used accessories and make up to complete my look.

now my hair is of great lenght and guess who is planning to go be natural ??? my friend with the sour complement. she is not asking me for tutorials and ways to go natural.

so all said and done every new level of change in life, hair,lifestyle that you make, they will be a new devil to make sure to bring you down,talk about you and lower your self extem and ego. moreover i met my sweetheart and now engarged,that is not to say my cos of my hair but because of the confident, attractive,friendly and  happy lady that i am now.

be who you are because there is only one unique of you and you can never run away from you.

whatever level of natural hair journey you are whether transitioning, TWA or thinking about going natural ,enjoy it and be the best you .

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