My Twisted Journey

Big Chop Near Me

I began my natural journey in September of 2010. I did the big chop for my daughter to show her that she was beautiful the way God made her. I knew it was time to go natural when she asked me why I did not do her hair the way I did mine. I loved her natural hair but had the impression that I would not be beautiful with my own natural image. I cut off 10 inches of relaxed hair and yes it hurt but I do not regret it one bit.For so long I wore my hair relaxed because that is what my grandmother, mother and aunts said I needed to do when I was a little girl. Like so many other black women, as a child you did not have a choice on your first relaxer. Your guardian said it would be easier to manage if it was relaxed so that is what we as black women have done for so long. Not realizing that relaxing our hair is another way of showing our insecurity in the way God created us to be.

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