Latif Summers


Name: Latif Summers.
Location: Harlem New York by way of Brooklyn.
Occupation: Administrative.

I choose to wear my hair this way because I felt it represented me as an AA and that I’m proud of the type of hair I have and it looked good…Lol

My hair means strength to me as an AA I feel our hair is the strongest hair on the face of the earth..Lol. The things we do to our hair as a people and it still grows back in it’s natural state every time; and when you take care of it, forget it, the beauty and versatility of it is phenomenal. I feel my hair is a part of who I am, but it does not define me as a person of color.

I would shave my hair for a gig or part in a movie or a photo shot because it will grow back. Don’t get me wrong I love my hair, but if it means I have to choose to keep it or eat I’m eating…Lol. As for perming I would put a light texturizer in my hair to enhance my texture, but I would not put a harsh perm in my head never did that, never will.

I am single and I’m a SGL (Same Gender Loving) AA male; and the men I’m interested in; I prefer them clean shaved head or Locks.. Yes one extreme to another…Lol. Did I mention I was single..Lol

Personally, I have never been stereotyped for my hair, but for other things yes. I always gotten complaints for my hair and the many styles I’ve worn by people of all ethnicities.

I do believe that black hair is an issue among black people; and the reason I say that is because all the negative stereotypes I’ve learned came from my people and not from anyone outside my race.

What I would like to see change is more of us as a people embracing our natural hair and re-learning how versatile and beautiful it is whether you are a male, female, SGL or straight. Just be proud of what was given to you and Love your individuality.

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