Kcurly- Feedback Week 5


My favorites in this challenge were Carlita, Chassity, Kala and ReShonda. For my winner, I would have to pick ReShonda. 


Your pictures blew me away. What better style to represent “natural” than a magnificent puff! Loving the flower in your hair paired with the subtle colors and gorgeous makeup. I think your expressions and poses were on point as well.   



I loved your “natural” shots. You gave me the impression of a fairy in the woods or some other ethereal creature. Your hair was gorgeous and I loved the wardrobe. 


If those shots don’t say “fierce”, I don’t know what does. Love the dress, hair, poses. Fantastic job!


I really enjoyed your whole “unique” take on things. I loved your wardrobe choices and the varying themes. Great job!


You said you were going to represent all of the “muses” which would’ve been fine, though more difficult. I didn’t really see an accurate representation in your photos. The second photo was the only that I saw obviously representing “strong” (and it was a great picture) but the others didn’t really tell me anything about being natural, unique, etc. The last three shots were pretty much the same. Your hair and skin were beautiful though. I can also tell that you’re a personal trainer because your body is very toned. I wish you had gone with “strong” and taken it further. 


I’m sorry about your photographer canceling but I think you did a good job even without him/her. Though the photo quality wasn’t the best, I do think that the poses, hair, outfit all say “fierce”.


Thanks for sharing your story, especially concerning how the abuse even extended to your natural hair. I think a lot of women, although they may not necessarily be in an abusive relationship, have experienced this type of criticism. I think you did express a feeling of relief and loving your freedom. I loved your hair and outfit, though I think the shots with the apartments in the background were a little distracting. 

This was a really hard decision for me to make as I think everyone really stepped up their game in this challenge. I would have to choose Nefertiti for elimination. 


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