Kala G. – High Fashion Fierceness with Norla Beads

Kala G for Going Natural

This challenge was the most fun, but it was also the most challenging! When I saw the BEAUTIFUL beaded purse and belt I received from Norla Beads to model with I got very excited. I immediately saw myself in a high fashion magazine. I envisioned the purses being highlighted with fabulous photography, styling and makeup. I researched online and bought multiple high fashion magazines for inspiration. All I saw was straight hair, and very few African-American models.

Kala G for Going Natural

I wanted the challenge of making my pictures just as edgy without straight flowing hair. I wanted to showcase my natural hair in all it’s fierceness! I outlined my vision by creating vision boards of what I wanted the finished product to look like.  I knew the clothing was important but didn’t have the means to purchase anything. My personal style is pretty unique, however my stylist (Kendyll Myles) went through my pieces to create a wardrobe for the shoot that was phenomenal.

Kendyll added scarfs as tubetops and belts, and took blouses and put them with bottoms that I’ve never thought to pair! She was amazing and brought my vision into reality, all with clothing I already owned! I was also fortunate enough to have an amazing makeup artist for this shoot, Tayla Ashford. She saw the belt and purse and was immediately inspired to create a high fashion edgy eye look. I loved it!

To ensure the shots came as close to my vision as possible I worked closely with the photographer. He was also inspired by my vision and helped to create the perfect atmosphere with superb lighting. My stylist and photographer gave me great ideas while shooting. Their background changes and prop suggestions were awesome. Honestly having such an awesome and professional team working with me made me nervous. There was a time before the shoot that I felt insecure about what I could bring to the shoot.

After all the preparation of doing my hair and the research I felt tremendously pressured to bring it in front of the camera and as a new  and inexperience model I wasn’t sure I could deliver. Before “go-time” I said a prayer, and really let out the anxiety. I looked myself in the mirror and told myself out loud that I DO have what it takes. That I could work this shoot and be fierce with my natural hair. I walked out ready to go and to do my part. 

I was so BLESSED to have a great team working with me and I knew I couldn’t let them down. I am so happy with the way things turned out. With a huge project going on at work this week, it took some serious dedication to make it happen.  The entire  process taught me so much about myself and helped me to realize that with the right attitude I can achieve anything, regardless of the obstacle before me. That’s what I will take away from this challenge. I can use this lesson learned to apply to all aspects of my life! Remember to always believe in yourself! 

Kala G for Going Natural

Hide the strap to create a fierce clutch!

Kala G for Going Natural

Fierce on location! 

Kala G for Going Natural

Waiting for my date…he’s late.

Kala G for Going Natural

Top model posing with a high fashion purse.

Versatile look with a high fashion belt.
Kala G for Going Natural
Beaded belt with an electric background
Kala G for Going NaturalKala G for Going Natural
…Always believe in yourself!
Kala G for Going Natural
High Fashion Shoot with Norla Beads – Tibetan Jewelry
Photographer: www.timothypAULE.com
Stylist & Creative Director: Kendyll Myles (kendyll.myles@gmail.com)
Makeup Artist: Talya Ashford 



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