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About two years before my big chop. I started to think about going natural after browsing natural hair forums, but I had zero support from family & friends. In October 2008, I finally decided that I was tired of the relaxers and needed a change! I had my last relaxer on October 18, 2008 and since then I have not looked back. I transitioned for 7 months and finally did my big chop in May 2009.



Safiya's Natural hairstyle and storyName:



Professional Singer

What was the worst part of your journey? And the best part?
The worst part was dealing with the two textures when the hot, humid weather hit! I p

What did your hair journey teach you?
 rimarily did flexi-rod twist outs during my transition but my relaxed ends would not hold up during my walk to class. The best part is trying all of the different products and not having to do much to achieve the look of beautiful hair. I could never do a wash & go with a relaxer!

My journey taught me patience and perseverance. I know a lot of girls who have tried going natural but aren’t willing to take to time to learn their natural hair. If you want to have a successful transition you have to be patient and realize that the bad days won’t last long.

When and why did you start your channel?I started my channel in 2008. At that time I started to really get into makeup and beauty products so I created my channel as a way to better my makeup application skills. When I decided to transition to natural it seemed only natural to share my journey online.


What are the best, funniest and most inspiring responses that you’ve gotten?
My favorite messages always come from young girls who tell me that by watching my videos they are able to view themselves as confident, smart and beautiful individuals. Part of my life mission is to inspire girls to develop high self-esteem.

Do you subscribe to other channels? If so, what would you say are your top 5 favorite ones?
I do, here are my favorites in no particular order

1. Allthatsgold
2. BargainPrincess
3. Summyr1988
4. FusionofCultures  

What do you hope to accomplish with your channel? How often do you vlog and what more can we expect?
I really just want to show the world that natural hair is beautiful and isn’t hard to manage. I try to post videos at least once a week. This year you can expect a lot more product reviews & personal vlogs.


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Br0nzeqt’s channel   

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