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history of Going Natural

history of Going NaturalGoing-Natural.com has a rich history of sourcing news from the Natural Hair world. Even before the site was launched in 2004, long before there were blogs and Facebook, we published the latest hairstyles, covered Natural Hair Shows and wrote about the politics of Black hair on our first site Kroeshaar.com.

As early as the 2002, before there was a meetup.com website, we covered news stories from the earliest  Natural Hair gatherings in New York to the Natural Hair show in Atlanta, from the opening of Carols Daughter flag ship store in Harlem to the world’s worst hair disaster that happened in Chicago. 

When all of these happenings propelled the natural hair world into a growing movement that crossed all borders, we didn’t stay local but followed suit with international coverage. From the very first Natural Hair book published in the Netherlands to the very first natural hair gathering in Suriname, from the Adornment Hair Show in the UK to Le Mois de l’Afrique in Guadeloupe, we covered historic events that propelled the popularity of natural hairstyles worldwide.

We are proud to share this legacy with you and feel privileged to continue to cover stories of a movement that we feel is still in an early stage. So if you have tips or a ground breaking event that we should cover, please fill us in. We’ll be happy to do so. For now we invite you to take a walk down memory lane. Just click on any year. Enjoy the walk and please contact us if you have an historic event to cover.

ralityThanksgivingGathering First Going Natural boogk signing Masters Natural Hair Brunch

Happy to be Nappy 03         –         My First Book Signing         –                Masters Brunch by SheaMoisture


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