Herbal Styling Gel

going natural herbal styling hair gel

going natural herbal styling hair gel

Going Natural Herbal Styling Gel

If you have a hard time to keep your twist out look good for more than a day or to keep yourGoing Natural Herbal Styling Gel for Black natural hair curls tight after they dried up, this is the product you have been looking for all of your life. No kidding.

Not only does the Herbal Styling Gel create the best defined Twist Outs, it also keeps natural curls perfectly defined. 


For a Twist out
Make sure your hair is clean

Take a section of your hair, add a enough Curl Keeper before you detangle the hair then Twist it up. The size doesn’t really matter but the bigger the twist size, the more Curl Keeper you will need.

Repeat until you have a full head of twists.

Carefully take the twists out when the hair is completely dry. Finger style and viola, you got the best twist out.

For Natural Curls

Make sure your hair is clean, damp and detangled.

Take ample Curl Keeper and work it through the hair with your fingers, section by section.


Going Natural Hair Care package
Going Natural Hair Care for Black Women, African American Men and Children 


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