Going Natural Hair Show 09


The Pursuit of Nappiness exhibit came to close with a spectacular natural hair show that did more than inspire styles for 09. Khamit Kinks: Kemi, Wendy Williams, Anu Prestonia (Salon owner) and Michelle Brooks.


Hairstylists from Khamit KinksLocks n Chops, Twist n curves and Riqui Lox exceeded an audience’s expectations with intricate coiffures that breathlessly captured attention. Each and every hairstyle was a piece of art designed like a Dali painting with layers that revealed the dept of the creator’s ingenuity and even made an untrained eye wonder.


Locks n Chops

Locks n ChopsSalon Owner Orin, Stephon Alexander, Akilah Moon (stylist),
Tricia Miller, Mireille


What made this hair show even more outstanding is the fact that the salons accomplished the goal without needing to attach a single hair extension or weave to any of their models’ heads. By doing so the stylists not only honored the uniqueness of the many African textured coils, they also proofed that their ingenuity allows them to respect and perfect an individual’s natural beauty. This is especially refreshing in a time when extensions and weaves have become the common solution to the hair issues that trouble the African American community.


Twist and Curves

Twist and Curves.com: Brandon Thomson, Latasha, Paris Walker,
Maria Thompson (Salon owner & Stylist), Monique Dixon  and Ayize Frenche.


The hair troubles may not be over today or tomorrow but the artist behind going-natural.com, Mireille Liong, definitely succeeded in showing visitors of the exhibit’s program a new perspective on Black hair. The colorful pictures were striking, the show was stunning and “bad” hair has never looked so good.


Riqui Lox

Riqui Lox: Donna Francis, Nicole Roach, Riqui Braitwait (Stylist) Atiya Dixon

Take a closer look at the natural hairstyles.

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