Challenge #6 -Formal at The White House

We’re past the half way mark now and I am glad to see the tenacity of the five remaining contestants.  Hang in there beautiful ladies.

 Here is what I saw:



Teesha’s story had an outlook on chic that is bold and assured.  I loved her ideas around individuality and the possibilities of natural hair options growing.  Her entry is creatively written and very engaging.

Teesha’s photos – Teesha has so much hair that the options for creativity are endless.  However, this style did not reflect that range of possibility.  Many of Teesha’s photos from past challenges have been so dazzling, that these were a disappointment.



Safeeya’s insight into our history of emulating the beauty standards of others is, spot on.  Her light and breezy way of explaining how simple an up-sweep hairstyle can be achieved made her story a delight to read.

Safeeya’s photos with her up-swept,  bejeweled Locs, shimmering shawl, and the dramatic look of the dark nail polish, made her look like she was ready to step out for that special occasion.



I enjoyed reading about the different options Christina offered for chic hairstyles and it was my hope that when I viewed  her photos that they would follow through with her writing and they did.  My only critique on the writing is that the challenge is around being chic and meeting the First Lady at the White House.  Therefore, the references to such outings as the neighborhood juice bar and a Neo Soul Lounge, did not really tie in with the subject matter.

Christina had the most variety of looks with her hairstyling options and the styles followed through with her story of style choices.   That last image with Christina’s hair styled up in a fanned bun was absolutely exquisite and one I think would definitely impress the First Lady and her esteemed guests.



Karla decision to wear a twist out and accessorize it with hair jewelry spoke to her level of comfort with her naturally kinky texture, which is both a powerful and beautiful statement.  Her chance find of bedazzling hair accessories seem to spark her creativity and she described the many choices available for accessorizing. 

Karla looked stunning in her primary photo.  I love that her hair looks more defined in this challenge.  The brilliant fuchsia color of her dress and hair accessory looked stunning on her and enhanced her natural beauty.  I am just missing the variety in styling.  The Twist out is a wonderful style and can be dressed up and dressed down, but I am hoping to see more styling options in the remaining challenges from Karla.



Toshia’s graceful explanation of the reasons and ways to wear and up do was telling as she described showing off her neckline and allowing her hair to be the accent instead of the focus of a her look.  Toshia’s visualization of conversing with the First Lady and giving her options for her hair, was priceless!

Toshia’s photos were beautiful, elegant and she put herself in settings that looked the part of the challenge.  Great work Toshia.


My winners are:

Teesha for her great story and wonderful writing on the topic

Christina for her versatility in styling her hair for a festive occasion



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