Challenge 5 – Holiday Curls

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LENORE – Best of luck to you in all your endeavors, Lenore.  You are gorgeous and I am sure you will do fine.  Just remember your angles when you are in front of the camera.  Happy Holidays!

VALARIA – Valaria, you were by far the most regal of all the contestants in the America’s Next Natural Model Contest.  Beautiful features and a camera presence will get you very far.  Best of luck in your endeavors.

CHRISTINA – Wonderful step-by-step instructional this week.  Clear & concise with fantastic photos.  Very well done!  Your hairstyles and pictures in the photo gallery are off the chain.  FABULOUS!

TOSHIA – I think your intentions for this challenge were honorable.  Your hair looks beautiful.  But is very unclear to me, even after reading it, how to use the pipe cleaners to achieve the look you end with.  Also, you should have applied make up for the instructional.  You look washed out.  Check out Christina’s entry to see a great example.  I love the use of feathers and other accessories in your gallery photos because it looks very festive, however, you’ve had clearer and more engaging photos in the past.  And I know you can do better.

SAFEEYAH – Safeeyah, I am so pleased with your tutorial this week.  The photos are clear and detailed and I love that you decided to Go Green for this challenge.  It’s a very smart & enlightened approach.  I love your delicate features and broad smile, but your photos in your gallery never do you justice.  And I think this is such a disservice to a young woman as lovely as you.

KARLA – Your tutorial was clear, well-written, and concise, but I am going to have to agree with the other judges that it did not give you the desired results.  And ultimately, no one is going to want to follow your instructions because they are afraid thie hair will not end up with the curls/crinkles they wanted.  But a very good effort.  Although your pictures in the gallery do not show much range, I think you look very pretty.

TEESHA – Very well done instructional.  I like that you point out that there are other options to achieve curls/crinkles other than heat.  And I always love your gallery photos because they are so diverse and wonderfully thought out.  Always a pleasure.

As we come down to the wire, each week gets more and more challenging.  My choice for winner of this challenge is Christina.  Job well-done!


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