NP Challenge #5

Tosha love the holiday curls and the red dress, very cute and festive.  would like to have seen more detail pics of how to use the pipe cleaners.  great idea, love the results and all the curls

Christina Nice crinkles and and nice photos and easy to follow instructions

Safeeya  You look so cute and happy in your curls.  love  the results, but process a little confusing would like to see more photos of the twisting clockwise step and how to wrap around cloth strips

Karla You give off a very happy vibe in photos.  Would love to have seen you in more festive     colors and see your curls fluffed out more

Teesha  love the twist out up do with the yellow flower and nice photos and results.  Your instructions layout was nice.

I chose Tosha for her great festive photos

I chose Christina for her great How two instructions layout



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