Back from the Ball


Thank you for your input and please read on to hear how it was.

First, I like to thank all of you for your input on offering our new President a gift and my choice of hairstyle for the Inaugural Peace Ball.


Although we discovered along the way that the Peace Ball was not listed as one of the official inaugural balls, we had a blast! I am immensely grateful to have had the chance to travel with my husband and the Angelique Kidjo band to Washington on such a historical day. It was truly a remarkable unforgettable experience.

We had to rise quite early to meet the rest of the band and take the 6:45 train to DC at Penn Station. At every stop more and more people were coming on the train but the trip went very smooth. Around 11 we arrived in DC where people in a clearly happy mood greeted and welcomed us in DC.

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Outside the train station it already felt like a party was going on. People were cheery and happy while looking at all imaginable Barack stuff for sale; Barack water, Barack hotsauce and even Barack Bills. The freezing cold temperatures didn’t seem to bother anybody.

After a little detour, very friendly folks showed us the right direction to get to our apartment. It was a beautiful place that was only a 10 minute walk to the venue where the band was performing and about 30 minutes from the Capitol. 

Although we weren’t too far from where our new President was sworn in, we couldn’t get anywhere near. Everything was just closed down and together with hundreds and hundreds of people we were turned down every time we tried to get a little closer. So while listening to the radio we ran back to the rented apartment and were just in time to see the swearing in on tv. We all listened in silence to the speech of our new President.

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In his first speech as President Barack Obama included everything that I could hope for and then some. I didn’t agree with the pundits who were looking for punch lines and such. I thought the speech was real, clear, sober, yet hopeful and inspiring.

I know you all are curious to what hairstyle I ended up doing and even the dress that I was wearing. Since I couldn’t wear two styles at the same time, it is inevitable that some of you will be disappointed. Whether you agree with my choice or not, I hope you enjoy the slide show regardless and get a sense of how wonderful and remarkable this day really was.


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